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This Flickspire Success video link below is for inspiration to your Success:

Success is achieved by planning, organizing, managing, and having the courage without fear to take that step to action and continuously adjusting for improvements or adjustments have to be made from time to time.

Your strategic plan first involves your clarification of what exactly do you want to accomplish. As a new business or existing business, organization, association, management company, or Individual, it is essential to first determine clearly what specific clear goal you want to obtain, then you need to develop your strategy for making it happen.

Goal Setting

The more general the goal, the less likely to succeed. Be specific.

Goals must be in A)Writing B)Deadline C) Action steps

Plan of Action

Again, for a small business, organization, association, management company,or Individual, a strategic plan is essentially a step by step guide to map out how it will reach goals and objectives. It starts with a vision of what the business or Individual will want to be and how to function .

Every plan should have a mission/vision with your values, establishing goals and objectives clearly. The strategies to implement them integrated with the action plan. For a business, develop a budget, with short and long term possibilities. 

Working Your Plan

Now that you have your strategic plan, you must implement it effectively. What’s often missing is effective communication of the vision and strategies, and the ability to translate strategy into tactics.The tactical plan might specify the following:

  • The goal, or result, to be accomplished
  • How the goals will be achieved
  • How these goals contribute to the overall strategic goals
  • Timelines for achieving the goals

Leadership and Communication

For a successful business, association, management company, if an objective is to be reached and the strategic plan carried out for reaching that objective, then someone has to “be in charge” and everyone needs to know the “game plan”.

Develop a overall picture and clearly define your communication objectives, and adjust them from time to time.

The bulk of the leadership role could fall on the owner, manager, or a key employee, who must take the reins for seeing the strategic plan through to completion. Also having a communications strategy is essential for the successful implementation of a strategic plan. Having a clear vision isn’t enough – you must also have clear objectives, a strategy for attaining them, and the tactics and communications to see it through.

This simple truth video clip link below reminds us of Goal Setting simple pointers: